Fokker D.XXI 1/72 Print Scale 72123

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Fokker D.XXI 1/72 Print Scale 72123

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Fokker D.XXI 1/72 Print Scale 72123

1. Fokker D.XXI, No. CF-6.
2. Fokker D.XXI  Netherlands, Ja V.A. I in national markings post October 1939.  

3. Fokker D.XXI  Netherlands,Operational No.221, 1e Ja Va. Sq. Post -October 1939.

4. Fokker D.XXI (4rd series), Unit: LeLv 30. Serial: FR-157, Winter 1942. Insignia of running Red Army man on the board. White spots painted over camouflage. In this appearance aircraft was shot down im 1942. 

5. Fokker D.XXI (4-й серии), 2/LeLv 30,No: 5 (FR-142) Pilot - senior Sgt.A.Trikkonen. In 1942. Note: Death insignia and silhouette of I-16 on the tail. White background circles on the national markings are overpainted.

6. Fokker D.XXI in winter cmouflage. Winter 1939/40. This aircraft was flown by Capt. J Sarvanto of HLeLv24, top scoring pilot of the Winter War.

7. Fokker D.XXI manufactured in Finland with Bristol Mercury VIII engine. According to type marking FR-92 it was the tenth serial plane. In July 1941, during so called 'Continuos War', it was in the order of 2/TLeLv 12.

8. Fokker D.XXI Pilot - Commander of the LeLv 30, Maj. Ludvig Bremer, Porri airfield, May 1942. He had an Ace of Hearts painted on the rudder of his FR-157 between Summer 1941 and Spring 1942. Maj.Bremer chose the Hearts according to his wife Hertta.

9. Fokker D.XXI (4th series) Unit: 2/LeLv 30, No. 1 (FR-129) pilot - Capt.Veikko Karu. Suulajarvi airfield, Autumn 1941.

10. Fokker D.XXI (4th series), Unit: 3/LeLv 30, No. 3 (FR-148) Pilot - Luutnanti Martii Kalima, Tiiksjarvi airfield (now Russian Territory), Spring 1942.

11. Fokker D.XXI part: 2. the JaVA Room: 213 (c/n. 5486) Second serial aircraft LVA (Luchtvaartafdeling) powered by a Bristol Mercury VII engine. Bear identification marks used until October 1939, the Squadron was based in Shifole, 11-14 May 1940, operated from the airfield at Bujksloot. The pilot, Lieutenant Fokuin de Greve knocked on this machine 2 German Bf 109E
May 10, 1940, later on it whether it was shot down by itself .

12. Fokker D.XXI FR-97 of 4/LLv 24 (4.lentue/Len-tolaivue 24) flown by Lt.J.Sarvanto and operating from Immola, Winter 1939-1940. Note temporary winter finish on upper surfaces. This aircraft was transferred to LLv 32 in April 1940, and, during the 'Continuation War', flew from Hyvinkaa and Utti. Shot down on 25 July 1941. 

13. Fokker D.XXI (4 series) part: LeLv 14 number: 11 (FR-140), 1940 At Kiel signs two WINS. Gift inscription on the machine where the Fokker to the winter war.

14. Fokker D.XXI (3 series) part: LeLv 32 number: X (FR-109) pilot-Captain e. Hejnilla. 1941.

15. Fokker D.XXI, a former Dutch Fokkers, captured in May 1940, and used for a short time in the Luftwaffe.

16. IIIJ (Fokker D.XXI), Unit: 2. Eskadrille, No. J-47A Fokker D.XXI constructed by the Danish military at Klovermarken. It 

served with the 2nd Squadron in April 1940 and was destroyed on the ground by Bf.110's of ZG 1.
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