Vought SB2U Vindicator 1:72 Print Scale 72189

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Vought SB2U Vindicator 1:72 Print Scale 72189

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Vought SB2U Vindicator 1:72 Print Scale 72189

1. SB2U-2 Unit: US Navy. Serial: BuNo.1354. Flown by the Air Group Commander aboard CV-5 USS Yorktown.

2. SB2U-2 Unit: VB-3, US Navy Serial: 3-B-1 (BuNo.1333). CV-3 USS Saratoga. Early 1941.

3. SB2U-2. Unit: VB-2, US Navy.Serial: 2-2 (BuNo.1352) CV-2 USS Lexington. Painted in this special camouflage as part of the Barclay experiments.

4. SB2U-2. Unit: VS-9, US Navy. Serial: 9-S-18. AVG-30 USS Charger while waiting for USS Essex (CV-9) to be commissioned.

5. SB2U-2. Unit: TU-1. Serial: 5/TU-1 (BuNo.1381) The commander of TU-1, Battle Force, Pacific Fleet. 1941.

6. SB2U-1. Unit: VB-2 VB-3. Serial: BuNo.0738 North Island, California, 1940. Camouflage scheme No.6.

7. SB2U-2. Unit: VS-72, US Navy. Serial: 72-S-6 (BuNo.1362) CV-7 USS Wasp, circa 1940.

8. SB2U-2. Unit: VS-41, US Navy. Serial: 41-S-8 VS-41 flew this Vought SB2U-3 Vindicator (41-S-8) from CV-4 RANGER in early 1942.

9. SB2U-1. Unit: VB-3 'Top Hatter', US Navy. Serial: 3-B-13 (BuNo.0738) CV-3 USS Saratoga, 1939.  

10. SB2U-2. Unit: VS-42, US Navy. Serial: 42-S-13 CV-4 USS Ranger, circa 1941.

11. Chesapeake Mk.I. Unit: 771 NAS, FAA. Serial: M8E (AL951) RNAS Twatt, Shetland Islands, circa 1943.

12. Chesapeake Mk.I. Unit: 811 Sqn, FAA. Serial: K (AL924). Circa 1941.

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