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We ship worldwide. Low international shipping rates applied.

All items will be sent in Registered Mail, tracking available.


International shipping cost depends on weight of package:

  • up to 50 gr - 3.70 USD
  • up to 100 gr - 4.50 USD
  • up to 250 gr - 6.60 USD
  • up to 1000 gr - 15.50 USD
  • up to 2000 gr - 23.50 USD
  • orders above 2000 gr will be divided or will be sent as parcels in order to save costs

Please take into consideration that shipping calculator is not perfect. Shipping weight of every kit is "the kit" + "packaging"

So if You see some kit weighs 150 gr - it is probably final weight of package. But if You order 5 or 10 kits - the final weight can be NOT 750 gr or 1500 gr - but considerably lower. On checkout You get higher shipping cost of course but good thing in our store - all orders should be confirmed by us manually. So payment request will include real shipping cost and it can be considerably lower then one seen on checkout. Even if for some reason You have payment request with shipping overcharged - refund will be sent after shipment take place.

Bigger orders (parcels above 3 kg) can be shipped from EU within EU by Polish Post (Poczta Polska)

Shipping cost varies. As an example - 4 kg parcel to Austria, France or United Kingdom is about $30 (+ ~ 1.5 EUR for each kg of the weight) Feel free to ask if You are interested.

Wysylamy do Polski - koszt wysylki - podwojna taryfa poczty polskije (start od 22 zl)